What are we looking for?


We all, human beings here on planet Earth, come together and move away. We decide what is right for us and what is not right for us through the lens that we wear.

A cab coming to pick you up late by 5 minutes may win over your anger easily, while the same travel may be a blessing for millions of people. The fact that you have work to perform is a situation hundreds of thousands are simply dying to get into. We see the world through the way we want to see it. Most importantly, while interacting or even giving a glimpse of ourselves to another person, we are trying to look for ourselves.

That is the truth.

The habits and actions and beliefs about other people cannot affect us unless they are connected to a deeper part of us. We only love or do not love about other people what we love or do not love about ourselves. While this may seem a revelation, it is also a fantastic opportunity to grow yourself to infinite heights.

Before even we know, life is going to pass away. What will be left behind, is the legacy that we created, the kindness we bestowed upon people who were fortunate to meet us, and the reminisces of happiness we faced while helping other people achieve their goals.

So life was never about me. Life was never about sacrifice of “me” while taking care of them.

Life is always about “we”. What we give to others passes through ourselves. What we think about others is the reflection of the mere thoughts encircling our minds. The extent to which we help others is simply the extent to which we are helpful to ourselves.

In this play of life, wherein most of the people are fooling themselves by being too serious or too careless or too unfulfilled, we must remember that the stage is always ours. We must, happily and lovingly show up to express our deepest and best potential, so that the world is a fabulous place to be in.

Interestingly, when we show up to life and enjoy every second of it, life bounces back with much more triumph, love, success and happiness. Ultimately these are the by-products of one-another.

So what can we do to improve our life right now? Even though you think that your current situations are fabulous, there is always a more scope for fabulousness, no matter where we are. Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg and Evan Spielberg and their respective brands are always evolving; despite the worldly success has touched their feet many times. Why do they do that? Because they know that they come alive through pouring wonderful value into the world. There is no end point to growth. You are the roadmap of the destination you choose, simply, just choose it and keep propelling yourself forward, no matter what. We are designed to grow and evolve, so that we may die happily of making the world come alive because we were alive, because we were focused on our mission that is soon became a movement, because we decided to leave the herd and focus on what we really, really, really wanted.

This is what we are looking for, right?

Think and ponder and journal about the following insights, to make our lives better:

  1. Take one person who ignites our mind or agitates us, and decide, here and now, to treat them with kindness. Visualize yourself being kind to them. This does not mean that you agree with what they say, nor does it mean that you do not uphold to your values. It simply means that you are a self-respecting human being who does not let anyone buy the expensive commodity of your anger.
  2. Decide on one activity, here and now, that you have been pushing off for a long time. You know that this one activity has the power to change the direction of your life for the better. You know that once you become inclined to this activity, you will become unstoppable, no matter what. Only a commitment is required. It will make you feel lighter and happier automatically, not to forget the tangible benefits of having to make more money and having the opportunity to elevate more people.
  3. Remember, that once you decide to change, you are going to face resistance from the masses, because they will want more and more people to join the masses. Your life is always a reflection of the choices that you make. Honor the little voice that your heart is always speaking to you with. It knows more than the human mind caught in the cobwebs of the world would have ever thought of. Once you fall on the path of the heart, the head always and without a failure, figures out the ways to achieve the heart’s longing.


You see, the world’s best creations are crafted out of making great choices. We are here to make great choices, so as to not to look to others for our happiness, but to be happy to fall on the part of the heart, which will make everyone happy once they look to us to witness what living and coming alive truly feels like.

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