Bigger than Us

A life well lived is the life that is surrounded with meaning.  We all human beings here on planet earth are here because we want to experience the richest and the deepest fulfillment of ourselves.

We all may get into a job that pays us well and wait for the retirement and subsequent death. Or we may be the CEOs of our respective jobs, and take charge of what is happening to us, and thereby become the architect of our lives.

Then why do so many people struggle and complain from week to week and experience only momentary joy by going out and spending sums of money in malls, just to feel more stressed out whilst going to bed at night and go to work the next day with even more frustration?

Because they have no reason or compelling cause bigger than themselves, that can get them out of the bed, filled with passion, every single day.

Every single human being who has ever tasted world class success has the common virtue of having a burning obsession that is bigger than themselves, something that makes them come alive, something that they are willing to die fighting for.

We all have seen people around us who remain calm and composed even when flight is delayed, even when the driver in the car ahead of us did not overtake in the right manner, even when someone speaks rudely to them. The strength, dignity, smile and innate power of these people does not come and go with circumstances or the position they hold, the virtues of these super-humans are derived from having a bigger mission than the current victimhood, to such an extent that these situations could not afford to buy their anger.

Is it possible to have a mighty mission and come alive every single day for the rest of our lives?

Yes, it is the only way to live.

What would happen if we do not have a mighty mission to die for?

We will look up to people and circumstances to make us happy, instead of emanating that happiness from within, which is real and authentic.

Is it possible to achieve what we call as our mighty mission?

If you believe it, then you will see it. Life is testing your commitment. It is a choice to show up every time.

What could be the means and ways to cultivate a burning mighty mission, and to dedicate ourselves to achieving it, despite the humdrums and daily noises of the masses?

The ways and the means stated below will work, only if we show up to them like a beloved:

  1. What makes your heart come alive with joy? If we think deeply, we all have a special art, which when uses us as a medium to express itself, comes out beautifully well.
  2. The next one, and the least expected one is, what do you hate? Then go for the opposite thing, without gaining the approval of the masses.
  3. Keep on working with grace and gratitude in your present circumstances. Life will shower you with more blessings and abundant happiness beyond your highest imaginations, if you are grateful for the innumerable blessings around you. Ways will start opening up, unseen opportunities will begin showing up, and life will be a miraculous blessing.

Let me close this with the reminder: as you close this blog post, it is easy to drift away into the habits of the masses. In order to rise above, you have to dare. Dare for your dreams. Dare for making an impact. Dare to master your emotions and behaviors. Dare to challenge the normal, with love and grace, because if you are reading this, you are special, and destined to achieve superfluous greatness. True?