Magic happens here

We are here because we want to make magic happen. The most magical fact is that magic actually exists. The epiphanies of the world might have led us to believe that creating magic is possible only n a fairytale. It is possible in our daily lives, if we allow magic to happen.

A mango seed planted in soil creates mango fruit, right?

A child rudely and carelessly nurtured results in a drug-addict citizen.

Workout practiced 6 days a week with dedication results in immune and superstrong and superfab body.

So, when we want magic to happen in our lives, let us firstly sow the seeds of magic into the world that is fortunate enough to witness us. You are superspecial. You matter, more than you could have ever imagined. Even though the present reality or your genes or your teachers or your neighbors or your family or your coworkers may have caused you to believe otherwise, just because you exist, you are of higher worth than you could have ever imagined.

Your responsibility is, to make your star shine. That is your job. That is why you are here.

The best news is, the moment you take the baton in your hands, and make your star shine, is the moment others will follow you, not only to draw inspiration, and also to take consistent positive action, because you are their role model.

Isn’t that magical? Once you follow your bliss, the world follows theirs and magic happens instantly.

Then why do so many people simply rock the cradle of their lives in despondency and desperation? Because they have lost faith in themselves.

Does losing faith come about naturally? Nope. People and news and media around them have caused them to dismiss the strongest and most powerful voice, their inner voice.

Does this mean that we should leave the company of naysayers? Immediately and with tremendous respect; and also use social media to our upliftment, and not let it use us.

Will it be easy to do so? No. Is it worth it? Definitely, and nothing else is more important than that. Initially ancient sciences and now scientific research is also confirming that we become whom we spend time with. Firstly, we spend all our time with ourselves, so keeping our mindset on the peak of excellence is of utmost priority. Secondly, our mindset is hugely affected by what we feed it: in terms of company of people around us, in terms of the social network feeds that we choose to follow, and in terms of books, magazines or news we read.

Difficult to believe, it is going to be of superfluous awesomeness and miraculous energy once we understand the secret of this magic. The secret of this magic is that it has no secret at all. We just have to embrace our core, instead of longing for other people, so that the fruit that sprouts out is flawless and magical.

With the following action steps, applied on a consistent basis, we will become magical, only if we remember that we have the magic wand and keep it with ourselves:

  1. Choose to treat people with regard. Regardless of how they behave. Each one is fighting a tough battle. Once we approach people with the mission to be kind, we pour around magic. Even when someone does something distrustful, people are always awesome, and making this differentiation between the doer and the deed, is one of the best traits of the magicians.\
  2. Always remember the big picture. What someone said in the office today may be demeaning to ones who think of struggling through life as a battle; however, the best ones, always keep the big picture of their mission, and react from the state of their best selves.
  3. Be responsible towards your responsibility. It is very easy to blame others in teamwork. A leader is the one who regards the team wins and challenges as their own. So they all grow and gain. You do not need anyone’s approval to tell that you are the leader. You are the CEO of your job and the responsibility deemed upon you to make the world change for the better. Go claim it through your actions, words, thoughts and beliefs.
  4. Magic is the synonym for people with high levels of grit. Gritty cum successful people have faced the same or even more failures than the so-called failures, they just chose to name them lessons and soon they turned into blessings beyond their deepest imaginations.
  5. Where the focus goes, magic emanates. You might have seen successful business icons failing miserably in their family lives. Or people making loads of money ultimately utilizing it for hospitals to take their health back, because they did not take care of it. A magical human being has their focus tilted on all their priorities. How do they get to their priorities? By becoming clear about them and writing them down.
  6. Finally, opt for daily fasting. Something that you won’t do today has to be decided every morning. Just like an elite athlete knows what all she does not have to eat in order to have fabulous energy and elite performance driving body. So should we know what not to do today in order to become magical. It could be anger fast, negativity fast, criticism fast, gossip fast, etc., or to make it super real, negativity fast, which embraces every single element stated. It is going to be difficult, your old habits will try to make you pessimistic again, in such situations, please remember, only the gritty survive and thrive.

What one step from all these steps, are you going to take, in order to make your life magical? Share it in the comments below. Also, if you have not yet read my book “This is What You Are Looking For”, go grab one from Amazon and would also love to have a review from you.

Keep super-awesomising!!!