Shatter the way world operates

We all live in the world that has been operating in a way because of the people on it. This means you can create the world in a way that is integral to your way of operating.

So go shatter the world on your own ways. Do not think what other people will say. Every great and courageous action was initially criticised and is being ridiculed till date. It is upto you to move your boat forward with all your might and light.

So what is the big goal that you must absolutely achieve by the 31 December of this year?

What habits and actions are you taking and practising daily so that your goal becomes real? More importantly, what habits are you giving up in order to become the person of your dreams?

What are the small fragments that you have divided your goal into, in order to achieve the life of your dreams?

The devil is in the details. Feeling the “having it all” emotion is the first step to greatness, the wise just keep on making incremental achievements. That is why they are the best and have it all.