When it becomes impossible to create

We all come across some roadblock either in our minds or external world that makes us feel that it is totally impossible to think, feel and create like the best in world producer does. This is my gentle reminder to you: the best and the only place for a lotus to grow is in mud. Epic creativity and productivity is a mindset.

So whenever the clouds of the world of created by the critic within even try to diminish your creativity, remember this:

1. Sir John Templeton made his financial fortune in the phase of acute recession for the rest of the world. The best luxury car keeps on doing better even in phase of rising poverty. Strong ones keep on getting stronger.

But how? They all have a goal bigger than themselves that they are willing to die fighting for, instead of quitting, just to mourn on the final day of their lives on their deathbeads.

I do not want that for you. Please, decide now and here, and repeat it to yourself daily, what is the amazing world class vision of your life that will ultimately become the mission for your life on this planet Earth. And then go forward, doing it, one day at a time. Revolutions will start happening at a pace faster than your heartrate, despite the worldly difficulties surmounting you.

2. Whenever we feel stuck, we must remember that what we are cribbing about is actually a blessing for over 90 per cent of the population. Cultivate the gratitude that is the roadmap to success and the medicine to depression. We all come from The Source of Abundance. When we take that Source along with us, every place we go, awesomeness becomes our natural habit.

3. Challenge yourself even in the most extreme of situations. Whenever the critic within starts to say that it is not possible to perform your best work, silent the critic within by producing such excellent quality of work that was never produced by you so far. Then raise the standards. Every single time. Sooner the worldly impossibility will serve as impetus to bring out your amazingly marvelous work. Isn’t that magical?

What are you going to do today, to overcome the internal and external barriers to the life of epic creativity? Share it in the comments below, because making it public increases the accountability. And remember, any time you fall, life wants you to become bolder and stronger.

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