The Sexy Silence

Amidst all the possibilities of the world, silence would have been the last thing we would have ever dreamt to be “sexy”. Here and now it is. Anything that makes us feel great is sexy. Those who have tried this with themselves know the worth of silence. For those new to it and also practicing it, silence is the tool to achieve and be whatever you want.

In this world, where people want to get their work done by criticizing other folks of the bad habits they carry, the one with the silence is the boss. Does it mean that no matter what, we should always remain silent and let the things remain as they are? Of course not. Steve Jobs practiced regular meditation and had minimal physical interruptions (even in terms of furniture) and he was the one who pushed everyone around him to deliver their absolute best. The world is aware that he would never appreciate the mediocre behavior of anyone who had the capacity to make things that could change the world for the better and did not deliver them. Yet he was the master of silence, because he used his silence for the acts and habits of people that were beyond his control, and again he used his words and leadership insights for all the beautiful things he knew would help people make their lives better, and give up the need to be liked and not of making an impact.

Think of it: parents, kids, coworkers, friends, spouse, strangers: we have so many roles to play. What would happen if we would stay silent when we know that our words would amount to anger and speak up at the correct time in order to make other person more proud of his self-esteem? Would it not be a great deal? Yes it would be. Then why do majority do not practice it and shoot out their words as a reaction to what others do?

Because they have not filled themselves up. A full well needs no water. When we human beings have not filled our minds with the kindness that we will shower on others and the intentions to uplift all the human beings we encounter, we end up being the person who speaks a lot because from within, we demand more fulfillment and approval. Giving your approval and acceptance to yourself, before presenting yourself out to the world, is the key.

Second aspect, related to the first one, is staying silent when the people in front of us have lost their temper. We need not tell them that they are wrong, or tell them the reasons why we did what we did. That is excusitis. Yes, you need to voice your opinion when you must. Drawing that line between speaking and silence is your volition and rationale. Cultivating inner peace and awesomeness in our lives is also a choice.

Third aspect of silence is silencing your mind after silencing your phone. A lot of the positive psychologies talk about silencing the mobile phone while eating or bedtime. The bigger To-Do is, to silence your mind post it. We may be eating and thinking of checking our notifications immediately after that, or we may think of doing it first thing in the morning after waking up. Chill, dude! No one is going to die if you do it later. However, your physical and emotional well-being will be deeply affected by not being mindful in the most basic activities of eating and sleeping that you are indulging in.

You see, it is very likely that while you are reading this blog post, most of the world around you is running after the things, making noise in the moment, while they even do not know what they are looking for. Living with your values in this world is the trait of the leader. Which I know you are. That is why you are here. To grow your mindset. To be wonderful in the world that settles for good enough. To use the internal power of silence. And to make the world better, which we all do by our very presence every day.

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