World beyond devices

Does such a world exist when we could be by ourselves and do not check our smartphones?

The world needs our attention and presence beyond anything, ANYTHING else.

When our parents tell us their joys or challenges, all they want is we being fully present and listening. They do not want solutions. The fact that they could raise us so well is an evidence that they can solve almost anything, the best thing their kids can give the is their ears to listen, that they are valued beyond and above all.

When our kids ask us for a junk food, we give in because we have not made ourselves strong enough to tell them the adverse effects of consuming it. We are in such a hurry to check our notifications that we do not remember that the little one in front of us is the most beautiful notification they could ever be blessed with.

At work, we become great to the extent we listen to our coworkers. Not their gossips at the water cooler, rather their great experiences and the challenges they are facing: that is what makes us come alive – to be able to be of service to as many people as possible.
This is possible only when we are available for our own selves before responding to the world.

So how are you going to be present for the relationships that truly count?