You teach what you need to learn

Think of it. Majority of the population on the planet is fine with where they are. They do not want to face the unknown and march into the land of possibilities and true source of power.

Then think of those who are constantly changing the way things were yesterday. These people appear to us as sportspeople, as bosses, as Steve Jobs, as Richard Branson, as coworkers, as friends asking for the status of our progress, as parents making us proactive.

The richest trait of these world changers is that they are the most criticised and least liked people in their social circle. Remember: if you’re being liked a lot, you’re falling into the game of being liked and not being the game changer.

So go forward and teach the world what you always needed to learn, what you are still probing into to make your life better, and most importantly, what you know deep inside your heart that WILL change the world if you show up.