What if your story was being written by you?


And this is the truth. We may blame our genetic engineering, friends, family, past, where we grew up, et al for the miserable condition that we are feeling.
Or we may just change the story of limitation and marry the truth of our unlimited capacity, then the whole game changes, as Tony Robbins says. The whole game revolves around what you feed your mind. Feed your mind with abundant possibility, worthy and thought-provoking goals, and fresh story that you would be proud to narrate, that is what your life will give you.
You can get beyond what is only if you think and act beyond what is. What I know for sure: the Universe will give you your next assignment only if you are overqualified for the current one. To be overqualified for the current one, think like the best in world people do, create better life for everyone and see the magic happen! (Only if you start today, your life is priceless to be at the mercy of circumstances)

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