What is awesomeness?

Awesomeness means recognizing yourself and then living by it. There is always a difference between the top 5 % and the remaining 95 % of the crowd. The ones who have scaled to the top are the ones who know that the top is the destination for them.

Also, the top is designed by them.image
There is no end or topmost peak to be scaled. That is the best part. Once The Top Performer reaches her designed peak, she takes a break, and is in and on to design the new peak and starts scaling it. He does not know the meaning of retirement and making the world better and amazingly awesome is the only game the legendary people play.

All the legendary people are so because they were also dissatisfied with the discomforts that the world faced. However, unlike the rest of the world, instead of choosing to crib and complain, they used the demeaning situations to their favor, and ended up making a history with their deeds and creations.

Let us have a deeper look at this. We have an inner feeling of unrest when the world needs to get better, or the things that we complain about need to get better. Recognize that inner feeling, and make it a vibrant and flying feeling by doing something to change the things. We all have the power to make lasting change happen. Question is: how much are we focused on creating change and how much are we focused on notifications on our social media feed?

Our focus will determine our locus. And ultimately our awesomeness.  Create your definition, Now, before skipping over to the next social media post.

If you have not yet read my book “This is What You Are Looking For” grab your copy at Amazon and also leave a review. Also, share in the comments below about the action steps arising out of today’s blog post. Together we will change the world: one game changing move at a time, by every single one of us.