They don’t talk, and need it the most


Life is relationships. Our awesomeness is defined by the quality of people we hang around with.
If we gossip with five people at the water cooler or the if we allow five energy draining people in our lives, quicker than we think, we are going to be the sixth one. If we hang out with five people who focused on creating revolution through their products, or five people who are driving the world insane “overnight”, undoubtedly we will emerge as the sixth industry disrupted.
Would go a little deep here. Because most of us have 10,000 digital friends and have lost the importance of having 1 real friend with us. We are loving and liking and wowing people who do not know who we are, and are simply dismissing the physical human beings, more special than anyone else, to believe that they will stay forever.
There has been no better time that we focus on what our true priorities are, and accept our close relationships as precious ones, because they are. What would our lives be like if we didn’t have the five closest people to us? And we do have lost few close relationships because of the lack of communication on either parts. Think over it.
Because what we perform out in the world is a direct reflection of our emotional life, which is shaped by the people adorning our lives.

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Thank you


Nishtha Gehija