Getting into the game

Our lives are measured by the happiness we spread. The happiness we spread is measured by our own happiness. Our own happiness comes from making a difference in the beautiful world we all are part of. The difference we make comes from being committed, which is more than just being interested.

Getting to the top of any game requires starting it. Then performing it better than anyone else on the planet. It takes patience, which is the way legends are created. It takes saying no to notifications and performing your art religiously. It takes believing in yourself, even when others have forgotten that.

imageIt takes starting your product or service, that if got into the game, unstoppably, will make all of us proud. It all begins with the groundwork. It all begins with starting.

If you have not yet read my book “This is What You Are Looking For” grab your copy at Amazon and also leave a review. Also, share in the comments below about the action steps arising out of today’s blog post. Together we will change the world: one game changing move at a time, by every single one of us.

Thank you


Nishtha Gehija