Experience versus action

As we go through life, there are going to be several defining moments. Very amazing, and some that break our hearts wide open. Gigantic fun, and the ones that lead us to tears. Isn’t adversity the price of success and fulfilment? Aren’t the very things that break our hearts are the ones that open them?

Then why do we not experience the feelings, the emotions that are tied with us in every moment of our existence?

There is incredible joy and learning in being the senior and not knowing everything, in being vulnerable, because that vulnerability is going to make you explore the parts of the world you never knew existed.

Amazing pleasure comes from not directing kids on their every move, rather than learn from the wealth of information, fun, questions and knowledge that we are exposed to while being with them.

Being committed a mistake in a relationship, it takes power and courage to take the initiative to correct that, by having difficult conversations.

Having stepped into the world by chance or by default, it is our primary objective to experience all the emotions we face as human beings, not to take action to eliminate the less pleasant ones, rather using the knowledge and skills to transcend them so that we experience joy and happiness as a part of our being.image

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Nishtha Gehija