What to do when you feel hurt?


As we walk through life, we are going to get hurt. As the human being in all of us wants to expand the love that is inherent in all of us, we will end up creating the results that we did not desire. That is a part of the entire process called life.

Falling down is the most important part in learning to walk, if we know how to get back up. So what to do when we fail miserably in a situation in life? Ask yourself the Oprah question: “What is this trying to teach me?” There is no situation in life that is not meant for benefitting us. Sometimes we just do not recognize the lesson draped in it and so, we end up creating the same mistake twice or even more than that. Even though you put in your best efforts to make the situation a success, there is a life lesson for you always, and as you recognize it, you come out of it stronger and more peaceful.

Also, as you see different successful people on the planet going through successive successes, do not mistake that by lack of difficulties. Rather, it is the courage to face the difficulties that slowly turned the feelings of being upset into the feelings of comfort in challenges.

So dear reader, congratulate yourself that you have been heartbroken and therefore feeling upset, because you had the courage to go to the new, to know yourself better, and when you remember the following, feeling upset at the time of difficulty will slowly be transmitted into transcending the difficulty:

1. Gratitude is the cure for uncertainty and fear. Most of the things that we have around us are luxuries for a majority of the population. As you cultivate gratitude for the little things in your life, solving the difficult situation in life will become less intense and clearer.

2. Think of the ways you could have done better in a challenging situation. Even though you did your best, there are no limits to getting better. Once we learn to let go of the urge to justify ourselves, avenues open up that would lead to nothing but our growth, both emotionally and psychologically.

3. Think different. In order to think different, expose your mind to different ideas. In order to expose your mind to different ideas, take different actions. This means that if you have never read a book, go read a book that tells you how to accelerate your mindset. If you read 10 books a week, read 12 this time. As you expose your mind to novel ideas, you will develop the strength and the power to come out stronger.

4. Finally, please remember what Napoleon Hill said: “Every adversity has the seed of equivalent or greater benefit.” You just need to change your lens through which you see the world. Because through its obstacles, life is simply polishing us in its small, generous ways.

If these suggestions and ideas have been helpful to you, share them with a friend who needs to get out of feeling of feeling upset. Maybe one share of yours changes the direction of their lives entirely.

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Thank you


Nishtha Gehija