The problem with our problems

Most of us have a common problem with our problems: we think we should not have them. So when they do arise, we try to get rid of them.
The fact of matter for Everyone is this: Life is not happening to us, it is happening for us. Each and every circumstance in our life has brought us to the point where we are today. Sometimes we try to make sense of them, and the fact is they were unjust and did not make sense at all. We were and are deeply touched and pierced by our problems and we must be.

The question is: what are we going to do with it? How are we going to use the problem that presented itself in our life? It is not easy to let go of the pain and move forward with the lessons. Very difficult. So is staying in the past. What do you want your life to turn into? Do you want your hunger to be dismayed into guilt and prejudice or do you want to turn the table around with your attitude?

The most important fact of the matter is this: you matter more than you ever thought possible. Even though the society might have vaccinated you to think otherwise. The very fact that you are here reading this tells us that there are infinite stories and lessons that the world needs to learn through you. So much that you make the world proud because of your occurrence.

So go out there and make your impact. It will be the lighthouse to millions of people on the planet. Every story is. Because in the end, only dead people do not have problems. Also, only the ones who remain graceful and grateful amidst the wolf-clothed priceless lessons, come out with shining colours, colours that colour every life they touch.