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We are here playing our part in the world drama because we all are meant to achieve some real greatness and success in our lives. What very few people realise, is that you have to possess some very important riches before material success shows up in your life.
These riches include kindness, empathy, courage, grit and grateful attitude.

We will talk about kindness today. What is the point of being alone in your richness party? What is the point of having material success at the cost of hurting every human being?

“Be kind to everyone, because every single person you meet, is fighting a hard battle,” said the Buddha. If we get angry at someone, let us be mindful of the fact that whatever they do, is to the best of their knowledge. If we act from a standpoint of a detached observer, we will find that the titbits that rob us of our temper do not matter in the bigger perspective. What all matters is how kind we were.

Even though there is a very typical and difficult situation, remember that getting angry is always an option and never a necessity. If we make kindness a necessity, it will pop out under all circumstances, good or not so good.

Most importantly, you get the first and best serving, of whatever you give to others. There is no doubt why people scolding everyone around them look decades older. There is also no surprise that people being light hearted in their conversations win over the hearts of everyone and look decades younger.

We get what we tolerate in life, and that shapes our destiny. There is no better time than now, to make the choices that will change the direction of the waves, forever.

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Nishtha Gehija