We all have this, and so we are the richest

In a world where we feel incompetent to survive, what matters the most is to make the best use of what you already have. Once we become competent enough to exercise our latent powers, we become more powerful to adopt and exercise the external greatness that is waiting to be expressed through us. This inner power is the power to focus. Our focus determines our locus. The things we focus on are the things that are going to determine our destiny. As hard as it sounds, the truth is that we are creating our future by what we are doing today.

So let us burn all our boats and focus on the following questions:

  • If I had to give one lesson of life to a kid who is very important to me, what would that lesson be?
  • Am I really after the goals and priorities of my life, or am I caught up in the thick of thin things?
  • What works, what doesn’t work?

It is the fact of life that no human being is different from other in their mind. What really drives the top 5 percent of the population is the quality of questions they ask. Ask and you shall receive. Make sure you ask intelligently, so that amazing things begin to show up in your life.

As we move through life, there are going to be tough times. In these tough times, we must lean into the discomforts that horrify us, by staying laser focused on the priorities and goals of our lives. It is easy for a coward to ignore the wonderful opportunity and lose focus with getting engaged with distractions. What makes amazing people who grace the planet earth is that their relentlessness and energy always triumphs, no matter what.