If we chose to release…

In life, the degree of happiness and ultimately success is less determined by what we do, and is hugely determined by what we do not do. It sounds a paradox, that the secret of any great human being is that they were focused on doing more and better of the things that were their niche, and outsourcing the things that they were not good at.

We all aim for greatness and very few achieve it: because we be all things to all people, and nothing to ourselves. If we chose to focus a few minutes every morning and evening on the kind of person that we ought to become and the goals that we must achieve, the desire to be liked by everyone else fades away.

This releases the chains of approval and burden we unconsciously accept from people around us. Once we have released what is no longer serving us and focus daily and consistently on what serves us the best, happiness and success begin to show up on a consistent basis, as a part of our habits and rituals. 🙂