The 1:10 ratio

Everything that is being done is to make everything in our lives better. The whole game is to scale to the next level of excellence and awesomeness.

The human beings who do it purposefully witness amazing levels of success and happiness in their lives. The human beings who do not inject deliberate growth in their lives are unconsciously making a way for negativity.

So if you are not feeling great in any area of your life, consider the thoughts you have been thinking predominantly about the same, and without a doubt they are negative ones.

However, the good news is: you can change any area of your life once you become aware of it. Now that you have become aware of the energy drainer in your life, it is time to convert it into energy creator.

Researchers have revealed that for every disempowering or negative thought, we must think of at least 10 things that we adore or are grateful for. As we keep on doing it on a daily basis, sooner than we think, we have transformed the potential negative situation into an opportunity to serve us and our emotions.

This is how we become powerful. Any great human being who has tasted success is no different from another human being who has never witnessed success. It all boils down to eliminating the virtues that do not serve us by watering and cultivating the virtues that will serve us.

As simple as this sounds, once we practice being grateful and optimistic about the area of life that we want to improve, our lives immediately begin to change in ways beyond our imaginations.

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Thank you


Nishtha Gehija