What if your life had to be researched in Harvard?

What if the way you lived your life was to be researched in Harvard? What if the generations to come will draw inspiration from the way you lived your life? What if your life was the best story told, ever? What if you somehow cracked the code to living an extraordinary life?

The universe is based upon principles hat hold true, no matter what the outer reality is. One of the basic principles is that your thoughts, feelings and actions create our reality. Seemingly negative situations are just there to make us aware of ourselves: that is pure power, pure creativity. Once we realise and practice this truth, our happiness and reality begin to change and we witness awesomeness that we had never witnessed ever.

There are no extra people on this planet. Each one of us has a treasure of gold that is shouting to be polished and see the light of the world. We all affect the world by the way we appear to them. This is a great job of responsibility to make the world amazingly awesome. So what is the chapter you are writing in your life today?image

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Thank you


Nishtha Gehija