When you shouldn’t, you NEED to!!


If only you did the 5 small things you visualised this morning, on a priority, the game would have been totally different.

If only you would have sat in silence for a few minutes instead of asking for an advice that you intuitively knew, wouldn’t make a difference.

If only you had the audacity to say no to what is not right.

If only you remembered to fill your self esteem instead of someone else’s.

If only you made that phone call that would have made all the difference.

If only you would have chosen the strength training + cardio instead of choosing cardio daily.

If only you would have not started that chat and let life present itself to you.

Taking all these actions would have made the life greater. Definitely.

Just one love-filled advice: when you fall down, be gentle with yourself. Life is too short to fall in the vicious circle of self criticism. When we criticise ourselves, undoubtedly that spills out in all our conversations, whether we are aware or not. If we choose to be loving for all actions we take, if we decide that the only world that matters is the world inside my ears, positivity floods your mindset and prosperity floods your lifeset. This is game changing.

Love yourself. Even when you shouldn’t. Because you Need it the most then.

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Thank you


Nishtha Gehija