This is our job # 1

Every person you meet is an irreplaceable child or parent to someone. A dangerous human being standing in front of you is definitely a source of happiness for someone else in their life. Who appear strong and laughing are fighting a difficult battle within.

Our job number one in this world is to be superkind to everyone. Even when they throw stones at you, you shower them with your blessings. We all treat other people with our level of understanding. What we give to others is a direct reflection of what we feed ourselves with.

The best thing is, parts like anger, discomfort and hatred are very difficult to play, because they are not the real you. On the other hand, being at peace and composure even while filing a lawsuit is easy. We just have to consciously make the choice to set the time-table for our mind and then act upon it.

Consider the following:
1. Never leave your mind empty. Always feed it the food to eat. The most successful are the humblest because they are always learning.
2. Start reflect over what you have learned. As you ponder over the great mind food you have been feeding your mind, it will become ingrained in every sinew of yourself and come out as a part of you.
3. Share the knowledge. Researches have shown that we retain 10-20 % of what we read and as much as 90 % of what we share.
As always, you are always the creator of your destiny by making the choices under fire.

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Thank you


Nishtha Gehija