Stop the self-loathing cycle, baby!

We homo sapiens
Carriers of divine emotions
Sometimes life plays with us
Sometimes we play with life
Either ways, we do not know

What we do know for sure
Is that
There is no roadmap
Where our lives will turn
Wherever it may be
We need to trust God, The Superpower
To align things right

Till the time things do get right
I urge you
To cease the self-loathing
To accept and love everything
To own your life
To be proud of Everything
To think positive about people for whom the world says you shouldn’t
To adore and respect the people who f*** you off
Because what you give to others, begins by you giving it to yourself
To set your own boundaries in life
To follow your heart
Let the tears flow
Let life happen
Let the Greatest Power perform its magic
Whatever that magic means

And most importantly
Be loving to your emotions
Deep within them
Is the seed
That will bear the fruit
We never imagined