Before we know, we all will be flukes


Almost 3 months ago, me and my parents moved into our new apartment. One of our distant relatives and father of one of my school friends, liked the apartment so much that he also made the plans to shift into one.

And then an unexpected thing happened. Within 2 months, this relative of ours passed away at a very young age. His son had to be slapped and forced to cry before his father had to be buried.

This is life. It takes unexpected turns we never imagined. The time to do the right thing is Now. Before we know it, you and I will be flukes. What will remain thereafter is the would haves and the should haves. Do not let that happen to your life.

As you step into yourself and out into the world, check the ego at the doorstep. Make the conversations as if they were the best and the most precious conversations you could ever have. Because that is the truth. We all are here to nurture the human connection that we all share: beyond the societal fragments and boundaries.

Make time to do the right thing, only for the reason that it is the right thing and your heart knows that it is the right thing. Any other logic or question won’t hold true then. Most importantly, make giving love a priority: irrespective of waiting for the other person to show up to you with love. And do the right thing always. Because it is The Right Thing. And we may never know, till when we are alive to be waiting for the right time, as the right time is the Now.