Dearest darlingest society! Take a chill pill!!


Dear society,

With all the nurturing and protection that you have given to all of us, it would be my divine pleasure to request the same nurturing and protection for your own self. The pace at which, we the human beings are discovering our true identity and leaving the safe harbor of fright and sticking to the status quo, there will not be a time too far away when the “society” does not exist as an entity in itself.

What I mean simply is this: the society teaches us and trains us to follow the herd. Go to a certain kind of school, have best grades, land into the best colleges, get picked up for doing a job for someone who themselves have followed the herd, and surprisingly, the method which takes away more than 2 decades of every creative and blooming human life, does not teach us how to face the uncertainty: the only thing which is most certain in Every human life. Similarly, society has taught us to make relationships with only those kind of people whom we “should” make a relationship with as per the societal definition, and has taught every human mind not to follow their heart and soul, even when they yearn for something beyond the societal norms and that is the right path for them.

Where are we leading towards by following this scarcity mindset? Be like everyone else, wear the same kind of clothes that everyone does, think the same thoughts that everyone else thinks, and lo and behold baby….you have landed up in the grave without doing anything significant like everyone else does.

In order to be really living beyond the things that scare us and to open up to the things that Universe wants us to experience, we must know that the safest way to go is to break free from the chains that have held us back since the time we were born. This is a pattern imprinted in our minds for long, and leaving it will and has to cause the discomfort. We have to make the decision: either to feel the pain of regret or to feel the pain of challenging the status quo. Since it is pain, it will cause suffering. Beyond suffering lies the solution. We all are here to be the best version of the solution for every brave heart witnessing us, so that they get an inspiration to light up the fire that ignites within them.

So with all my heart and soul, dearest darlingest society, I will make sure that no one follows you in giving up on their true lives and following their hearts. I do not know how many folks will read this post, what I do know for sure is that whoever reads this post, will connect with this from a sinew of their being, and will take an action to be the architect of their lives instead of being the manager of circumstances.
It is we, every single one of us, who create the society.

Be crazy and foolish enough to listen to that whisper which your heart is making with you. With it, lies your happiness. And happiness of every other human being.

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Thank you


Nishtha Gehija