We may think of winning in terms of getting that big project done, living in a palace or earning certain amount of money that will finally make us a winner.

Respectfully, I disagree.

Winning begins when you fight the demons of the daily life. A human being who refuses to accept mediocrity and sets her own standards to change the world through her work, even if it is a back-office work, is a winner.

The guy who speaks his truth, not worrying about the acceptance of others, and grants himself his acceptance by being authentic, is a winner.

The parent who refuses to make his kid cram up the history lessons, and makes the time to take her to the music class, is a winner.

Most importantly, winner is the human being in the mirror, who knows that there is no such day when demons and the resistance are not standing in their way to shun the Indomitable Human Spirit, it is only a matter of their choices that they fight the demons and live a life that is authentic, strengthened by bruises, stacked up by Daily little wins against the demons seeking to make the most of them in their uncertain times.