Creation of happiness

Happiness is growth. No matter where you are in life, the moment you are doing things better than you did them yesterday, you are growing.
As you give more acceptance and put in more vulnerability into your relationships, you face growth. As you learn more than is required for you to learn, your life is growing. As you keep doing these consistently, you experience your happiness levels rising as a matter of principle.

We do not attract in life, we radiate. Our feelings and emotions determine our perception towards life which we pour out into the world, and as we keep on taking these baby steps towards the goal that we have envisioned, our life starts to become an embodiment of happiness. This does not mean there are not going to be difficulties. This simply means that your radiation of a brighter future, of having happiness in the Now, is more powerful than any of the circumstances. As you hold this vision, challenging circumstances teach you life lessons which serve as stepping stones in your enlightenment and growth.

Happiness in life is growth, even from the loftiest summits. There is no defined topmost mountain for the human who has the intention to grow infinitely.