The gift of The Problem

Only people in graveyards do not have problems. The rest of us, the mortal humans, have problems to deal with which make us come all the more alive. Yes, problems make us come alive because they remind us what is the ultimate mission of ours. The very reason you have problems is because the Universe wants you to grow to a greater level of wisdom, greater level of courage, and greater level of happiness, fortunately, this is where all the juice lies.

So what to do when faced with a tremendous problem?

1. Identify the problem. Defining the problem is the first step to raising yourself up to the level of a solution.

2. What is your ultimate mission in life? It is as good as tying up your life to the polestar so that you do not get distracted by the storms that life throws at you. In so doing, you create space for the wisdom to emerge. You do not want the problem to be merely over, you also want the gift or the wisdom to take care of itself so that you do not fall into the same problem again. Look we need to be clear here: the goal is not to never have problems, the goal is to have such spiritual strength that knows that it is more powerful and stronger than any external force that crops up.

3. Have the leap of grace. From athletes to top professionals to all the rockstars of industries, success in life is 80% psychology. A significant part of this is grace. Grace is the ability to look for the good in a potentially difficult situation. This makes our minds shift from complaining mindset to creativity mindset where all the potential lies. Remember, this by no means implies that the problem doesn’t exist, it definitely does; this simply addresses the question of how graceful you are under fire.

4. Get out of yourself. There are always many lives you can help. When faced with a problem in your own life, whilst dealing with it, go get out and help someone out. For an abundant life, make it a part of your lifestyle. As Robin Sharma says, “The person who helps the most people wins.” Doing this on a consistent basis will not only make you stronger and more resilient from the core, it will also provide you the emotional resources to deal with your own problem.

5. Start small. Once you know that there is a problem that needs to be resolved, what are the small daily 3 steps that you are taking towards their fulfilment? Are you holding yourself accountable at the end of each day for these tasks that you must do? As you begin doing this, surprisingly the problem would be reduced to very small fragments and ultimately end up. The best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.

Hope this blog post inspired you to deal with a difficulty that you are facing. Remember to share this with a friend or loved one who will be uplifted by this and do catch me up on Instagram @nishtha_gehija for abundance of inspiration to Meet Yourself Again.