Our body of work

You may have ups and downs in your life. If you do, I congratulate you, for having a life. Challenges are the bricks and mortar that shape us. Amidst these, we discover our true selves.
Have you ever thought about why a few people go through difficult situations of life by being calm and learning the lessons with patience, whereas the others being anxious and either bottling or brooding over the war instead of making peace with it?

It is because the people dealing with challenges have created a body of work around themselves that they adore. Why is it said so much that you really must do the work that you adore and feel proud doing it? Because when you love your work, when you are filled with happiness doing it, the work becomes a source of fulfilment.

So when people leave you, your work is there to remind you of the incredible human being you are. Or when new people enter your life, your work is again a reminder for you to be relentlessly improving.

Work is God made real, said Kahlil Gibran in The Prophet. Our work is the medium through which the highest power of the Universe expresses itself. It cannot be a source of misery and loathing like most of the population does today. Your work fills a major chunk of your life and if you hate it, you must take daily tiny steps to creating the body of work that you adore. So that it can change the world. So that everyone witnessing knows what passion married with execution is. So that irrespective of the nature of work, fulfilment is the result that is achieved.

2 thoughts on “Our body of work

  1. Truly said! If we just spend 10 minutes a day doing what makes us happy, it brings really a positive change within us and eventually we keep on sparing more time doing what we love! And ultimately this improves our aura, too!
    A little to share – following you and Robin Sharma! 🙂

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