Letter to my 17-year old self

Our life faces deep changes as we transcend from teenage to full fledged adulthood. Some years down into it, we learn useful lessons which we definitely want to pass over to the future generations for them to live their life in a more meaningful way. So here is my letter to my 17-year old self or anyone who is seeking for lessons in order to collapse the timeline taken to learn the lessons by their own hard way:
* Only craziness can lead you to the next level. Every breakthrough was first considered crazy before it was patented. 😜
* Silence is the weapon of the most powerful. It doesn’t mean that you will accept any injustice, it simply means that you will sit unshaken on your seat of peace and love, irrespective of being dwindled by the opinions and moods of the people and the environment.
* If it is not difficult, it is not change and growth. Growth happens when you hug the abnormal.
* Your work consumes a major part of your life. Do what you love and your body of work is the most inspiring tombstone for the world to set milestones from. Ironically, when we focus on doing great work and changing the world one step at a time, prosperity and all luxuries take care of themselves.
* Creativity is like bathing. You need to nurture your well of creativity daily by meditation, learning, jotting down your thoughts and emotions in your journal, listening to music, and most importantly, reiterating yourself the reason for why you are doing what you are doing.
* Follow what your heart tells you to do. In the end, you will be happy that you did.
* Keep the fool in yourself alive. Now knowing leads to the invention of The Curious Human Being within you, which is the catalyst for all the change.
* A human being in anger is the one in pain crying for love. Accept them for who they are.
* Take care of yourself. This will do all the magic.

Hope these few lessons have been helpful to you and help you create the change you desire and deserve.