Going to this one place

img_9131Our fears, hopes, tears, triumphs, joys, laughter, cries and all the outburst of the human existence called emotions are what make us who we really are. Most often, we feel unfulfilled or overwhelmed because we go up to other people to validate our emotions.

The only place where we can find true fulfilment is to go within. Feel your emotions. It is okay to feel sad, just like it is superokay to feel elated. Our emotions are a powerhouse to tell us how we are feeling. When you know how you are feeling, you create the white space for acceptance of the most important human: You. Then begins the evolution process.

Remember: there is no such term as a perfect human being. The very reason that you exist is because life wants you to learn awesomely superb lessons and grow unlike anything. Thankfully, it will happen only when we proceed with awareness. Baby! You are never just there with all the knowledge and wits. Hug the wonderful work-in-progress that you are!!!

2 thoughts on “Going to this one place

  1. “Our emotions are a powerhouse to tell us how we are feeling.” – Superbly said!

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