Never do this. Ever.

Never criticise or blame or backbite or badmouth against anyone. Even if they were unjust to you. Even if they did what you would never do to an enemy. Even if they blamed you for all the mess in their life.

The truth is that we are the creators of the hurt, the ignorance and the anger within our own hearts. What the other person is doing is restricted only upto them. How we respond is always our free power to exercise. When we react negatively to a situation, we are unconsciously giving away our power to that situation by making us lose our stability of mind and emotions.

No matter how difficult or seemingly overwhelming a crisis is, it always has the gift us to make us pay attention to how we are feeling. If we give the gap of even 0.25 seconds to respond to the crisis, we shift from victimhood to creation of a noble pathway that protects us and most importantly, makes us grow. Oh, and by the way, what you give to others, originates from you and comes back to you in a river.

So people, never ever blame anyone. If you can read this, I guarantee you that you have the entire power of the Universe rigged in your favour to draw the wheels of fortune in your direction.



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