The biggest (and strangest) competition

The culture of the society accepts you are great only when they see you performing better than a comparable choice available to them. A monopoly food vendor in a corporate house is made to face with a competition so that they can bring a reasonable quality of food. The appraisal of employees in an organisation is made not basis what they accomplished in the past, rather what others also accomplished along with them.

There has been no better time than now and today that we wake up. The hard fact is that we do not need the barometer of 7 billion+ people on the planet to make us perform better and live richer, more fulfilled lives. The only competition we ever had and that will always be with us is the person in the mirror. Every single one, EVERY single one of us is perfect and complete. Our true nature is one to be recognised from our core.

Then why do we fall into the societal conditioning of comparison? Bigger question to consider is: it is we who create the society, then why do we even do it? Because breaking the social norm that used to serve us thousands of years ago requires thinking,

  1. Our individual qualities make us wonderfully human. It is not ethically correct to expect the same level of knowledge from a psychologist and physician even though they may require huge formal education. It is even not correct to expect it from two human beings having the same education. It is only in application and understanding of our formal (and informal : that covers more than 90%) of our education that we create a stimulus for growth and change.
  2. In order to witness change, the place to start is within. We all are meant to lead our lives, not to follow what someone else has set up the path for us to be spoonfed. Doing so requires grace. Courage. Grit. Persistence. Discipline. Patience. Optimism. So that we can change the world in our own ways. Anyone can be happy when things are going good. Have the audacity to be grace under fire. “Bring certainty to the environment where there isn’t any,” as Tony Robbins says. That is where all your and ultimately society’s progress lies.
  3. Remember your humility. At the end of our lives, what will matter the most is the value we put into the world through our work and the human beings we inspired. If it is going to matter on our deathbed, why not make it important now, so that we may change the world today. Facetime with death reminds us of our humanity: what we are from within. This creates the entire revolution process.

So here is the challenge: what are you going to do today? Live on the measures as defined by the society or create your own value system daily, consistently, step by step and then compare yourself today with who you were yesterday? Because this is where all the fulfillment and happiness lies.