We don’t know what we don’t know

The best take the time to think about it. Then grow, if what they don’t know will fuel their growth. Or outsource it, if it is necessary and yet not necessary for them to do it.

When we do not plan our lives, our priorities, our not to-do lists, (yes, our not to-do lists), the leftovers of everyone else will fall into our platter. We may spend our whole lives thinking why this happened to us while we had planned a life filled with awesomeness and joy. Or we may take responsibility for our lives, take the beautiful lessons that past taught us and move forward with the wonderful blessings draped in the past that came upto us.

The fact of the life is this: no matter what we do, no matter the depths of despondency we have faced or are facing in our lives, we Always have the choice to be the master of our senses and actions and take control of our destinies. The world says that you need to feel your emotions, go to their depths and bring them about to the surface. By all means, please do it. Write in your journal about it, do your meditations, continue listening to wonderful audiobooks, in this period of lesson learning.

And do keep on looking for the answers to your life questions in it. The quality of your life is determined by the quality of questions you ask. The endurance of positive output requires endurance of positive inputs. The period of facing the problem and looking for transformation with consistent, daily action is to be followed with real transformation or more milking of the problem which was supposed to get away with its lessons, is a choice you always can make. You can always decide to be the human who was only given difficult situations or to be the human being who always turned the stones thrown at them into beautiful unimaginable monuments.

What is going to be your choice today? For Your Life?