The Plane Crash

It happens all of a sudden. Like the majority of the population, you boarded the plane with all the weight and tension in your mind. And then you never happen to get out of that plane. Because crashes are not planned. They just happen.

Or you had a choice. Last weekend when you met your mother, you hugged her tight and told her I love you. You focused on doing great work before leaving for the flight instead of gossiping on the social media. You skipped the coffee shop after the airport check-in and ate your protein bar. Then the plane crashes all of a sudden.

Maybe you have less regrets then. Because you lived your life by design and not by default. Because you knew what is right. And then did that. Daily. Relentlessly. And when the death or plane crash happened, you were contented. Happy. Wowed. Awed.

Why not have a FaceTime with death every single day? We are here to make a difference. Sooner we realise and execute this, better will be the world a place to live in. For us. Because of you.