A happier world

It is easy to spend your life coasting, eating and hanging around having fun. It takes discomfort and hunger to have the vision to change the world and then take the daily steps to execute it relentlessly.

It is only in pursuit of discomfort that we finally override the pain of obsolescence and addiction to comfort, and create new pathways for us to grow. The brain releases dopamine, the happy drug, and it creates all the magic to make you love discomfort even more. You see, doing the work like everyone else on the planet will land you up where everyone else does: the exit gate. If you want a life of awesomeness and abundance, you not only must, you need to do what is required to start thinking and acting like one. You have the power to create an industry of one. The world will be a happier place because of you in it. And we all will draw a chapter from your life to enact and act in our lives. Because even if you don’t know, every single step of yours is either inspiring the world or making them believe that it is okay to be indifferent towards creating a gorgeous life. As always, you have a choice.