What is waking up in you?

The end goal of all joy and all suffering is happiness. While it is the end goal, why can we not be happy even in the suffering? We all consider happiness equivalent to lack of suffering. It is like you would go to a movie, the beginning is rocking, middle is rocking, end is rocking and climax is rocking. All good. No troubles. Would you like to go to such a movie? Never.

Then why do we expect our life to be trouble-free? If it is only in pain and suffering that we relish the happiness of life, why can we not be happy amidst suffering? Why can we not be grateful for the spiritual strength that we are gaining in this tough time? Why can we not be happy to have the suffering, while the fact is that only people in graves do not suffer? Only the ones who are willing to find true happiness are faced with pains of life. The balance who have not even left the comfort of their dwelling have not even begun their lives.

The purpose of life is to grow: in all aspects. When we try to avoid suffering and pursue pleasure, we neglect the ultimate happiness that would come from being graceful when you suffer.

You, I or even the most awakened person can never have all the answers in life, because that was never the reason you and I were put here in this planet earth. We were put here to live the questions, to question our true meaning of happiness, to learn more from people who have shared their knowledge with the world, and as we do it on a consistent basis, we find happiness amidst pain and pleasure. Because we are true to ourselves. Nothing more.

At your deathbed, this will only matter.