The Magic of Stillness

India Gate C Hexagon Circle is one of the busiest places in New Delhi. Yet the place never ever has traffic jams despite being situated in the centre of New Delhi: a city famous for its traffic.

Let us think over the reason. The circle has traffic lights all around it that stop the flow of moving traffic for not more than 15 seconds. In those 15 seconds, the traffic stops even though there is apparently no need. What that 15 second window of stillness of traffic does is worth pondering. It allows the vehicles in the adjoining lanes to gather momentum into their respective lanes, which then creates the space for the vehicles still for 15 seconds to move in flow, flawlessly.

In EVERY aspect of life, on the face of it, we may feel that we need to keep moving, faster than ever, in order to keep pace with the world. What we most often forget, is that stillness is as necessary to us as is fuel for your car: a state of non-motion that will only create a greater further motion. It may be taking one minute break after every 59 minutes. Though it may seem preposterous, the traffic control once done in the mind, will lead you to vast green pastures of achievement coupled with fulfilment, that the fast moving world of today will find difficult to comprehend.

The question is: what is the plan, to remind you of it, from now onwards? For a change, set a repeat timer in your phone to beep for 1 minute after every hour. Nothing will change if nothing will change. Think over it. Everything will change if everything will change.

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Thank you


Nishtha Gehija