Fundamental truths of life

1. In order to shine in the future, polish your present. This day is all we have.
2. Creation and action of discomfort at work is the key to phenomenal achievement.
3. Love yourself. The world will learn the same example from you.
4. Visualisation AND planned consistent action both are necessary ingredients for achievement of all goals.
5. Kindness in a state under fire is the hallmark of a human being, rest are all puppets.
6. You never need anything to be happy. Be happy first and everything will come to you.
7. Enthusiasm and craziness are the medicines for lifelong youth.
8. Relationships matter. If we give at least 50 % attention to them as we give to our business goals, our life has been a successful one.
9. You can live in a miserable state either for 90 seconds or 90 months or 90 years. Your most important power is the power to choose.
10. Your mornings and your schedule shout out who you truly are. You do not need to tell it to others, they make it out by the way you conduct your life.
11. Life is too short to hold grudges or to waste at a job you hate. It does not mean you put down the papers immediately, it simply means that start doing the business you always wanted to do, along with being the Best in World at your current job. Then resign in all your glory.
12. Check your intention before you do anything. Why am I doing this? Then check the intention of that intention. Go 7 levels deep in this intention checking exercise. This whole game of why shifts gears from the head to the heart, is the perfect game changer for every human being, whether they do it knowingly or unknowingly.

The question is: Will You?