Revelations from the hospital bed

ALWAYS for the better, life does take twists and turns that land us up in a place we never imagined of. It happens to all of us. Yet here we are, on this journey of life, striving to make it better every single day.

When we become aware of the fact that everything, EVERYTHING that is happening in life is for us, not to us, and that all this is rigged in our favour, magic and miracles begin to happen.

This is what happened to me two days back. I was taken to the emergency ward of a hospital for severe stomach ache, despite taking great care of my workouts and also food habits. There, as I lay on the hospital bed surrounded by curtains and nurses injecting into my veins, life did present itself a few uncovered, yet subconsciously aware truths. Truth is the catalyst, always, that changes our life.
Life presented with its most beautiful truths at that unexpected hospital bed, which would be my deep pleasure to share with you:

1. If you want a special quality of life, look only for specialities in every human being. Because life is really, really short. At the end of our life, the only regrets we will ever have will be the awesome relationships and wondrous dreams we didn’t do. So why not do it here and now, with all your senses and life, today?
2. Do the work which pulls you, instead of pushing yourself to do it. This is the game changer for every happy human being. Only this step will make regrets diminish incredibly.
3. Have an automatic source of work, that works for you even when you are not present. For those having a job, it seems like a difficult thing; however, for you having your own business, it is one of the must haves.
4. Feed your mind only with positive thoughts, to the extent that this habit makes you read books on the hospital bed, instead of scrolling the news feed.
5. There is actually no room for any negativity of any human being. Unfortunately most of us get to realise this once we have a FaceTime with a hospital bed.
6. Love your loved ones like there is no tomorrow. Because one day, certainly, it never will be.
7. If you find a reason to get you out of bed every morning, every single day becomes a miracle. Period.
8. Respect the temple of body which is the home for your soul. It will respect and nurture your soul multifold.
9. Start small. So did Apple, Facebook and Starbucks. Will you?
10. The only thing that will keep you happy and fulfilled in your relationships, spirituality and energy levels, is doing work that matters according to you. It will make you remain a kid forever. Young, happy and supercreative. A force of nature. A wealth of abundance. A model of prosperity. An awesomeness of happiness.

Will you? Today, act on the things that make life worthwhile according to you?

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If you are responsible and do not want happiness to be a case of tomorrow, do it now. The best part is, we do not know when the death occurs, to take us away without the knowledge that would have changed our life.