Water cannot wet it, wind cannot dry it

Even the biggest life ever is a pretty short one. It passes away in a spur of moment before we even realize it. Yet most of us spend our days, weeks, quarters and decades chasing the wrong things. We want to have that big house, the hot bank account, the goal to create a world class luxurious life. These things are not the wrong things, rather the focus we have in pursuit of these things create the wrong. Yes, these things do certify power, yet this is the power that goes away with the thing. The thing is gone, so is the power. Doing this always keeps us in the vulnerability to happiness which is conditional on this oscillating power.

There is another form of power called internal power. It is the power that inspires us in the first place to achieve these material things. As we spend our time and internal power chasing them, we start presuming the fact that these things contain our real power which is not the truth in any sense.   True power is much beyond the confines of material objects, which rather makes the using of material objects even more joyful.

True power is a belief system that you can remain happy, and in a beautiful frame of mind even in the midst of a challenging situation.

True power is the art of giving blessings even to those who are cursing you, because we give to others only what we possess.

True power is playing with the 6-year old like them, because that effortlessness and carefree nature is in reality your true nature.

True power is replacing responsibility with regret, so that you own your mistakes and learn from them.

True power is being the fee collector at the parking exit, and giving the change back to the customer with a smile on your face and gratitude in your heart.

True power is choosing to focus on your own improvement instead of getting into the spiral of gossips.

The most startling truth is that this power is inherent in each one of us since birth. We have merely forgotten to use it in pursuit of external things. Now once we start practicing this internal power, we develop into a human being who is unshakable. Yes challenges are going to arise, and this internal power is going to be your compass to steer the direction of your life. This is true power: because water cannot wet it, wind cannot dry it and it remains with you waiting to be exercised by you.

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