The Life of Happiness

You deserve a life of happiness, success, peace and wondrous bliss. You set your goals to go from where you are to where you want to be. You do the work, meditate, visualize and take marked progressive action. Then something unexpected happens: either in your work life or personal life or something totally unrelated to you that affects you immensely. We all go through that. The question we need to keep asking ourselves continuously is: “Am I being true to my dreams and desires in days of danger?”

It is only the adversities and the mistrust and the criticism and the dust and the mud that makes us grow to levels that we had never imagined. Anyone can celebrate when everything is going smoothly. What you do under pressure determines whether you will turn into carbon or diamond.

We all desire for a life of happiness. Keep checking that you are not giving undue importance to sadness and frustration in your life that take away awesomeness unlimited that is your birthright.