Truths are what we all know. Yet we tend to forget them because we get caught up in the thick of thin things: what he or she did to me, why did they say this to me, why am I feeling this way….and the endless self-obsessed cycle. Somewhere more than 95 % of the population is concerned with what is wrong in their life and that is why they are not able to bring the change that is required to create a dent in the Universe.

The biggest truth that could ever be told to you is this: just because you are alive, you have been sent on this planet earth to create a better meaning for everyone blessed to witness you. Along with that, we have been given the choice to create that beautiful, meaningful life or to choose to blame everyone else for the fact that you are not enough.

You have a choice. As you make the choice to create a wonderful life that shakes and shapes all of us, remember the following truths:

  1. Kindness and love from even one person always triumphs all the hatred in the world. Because what you give to others, originates multifold within you.
  2. The more you say no to distractions (phone calls, “important notifications”, shiny toys, etc.), is the more you create fortunes of impact and wealth in all forms of life.
  3. It is okay to eat a meal alone sometimes. Your creativity needs solitude to blossom.
  4. The quickest way to change the world is to change yourself.
  5. With all the gratitude to Robin Sharma, “If you are not being ridiculed a lot, you are not doing much.”
  6. You can have everyone agree to your opinions or you can change the world through the way you occur in the world. No one gets to do both.
  7. Meditation is  not a technique reserved for yogis in the mountains. We all must do it in order to witness the hidden treasures even we are not aware of.
  8. You are a human being if you talk with the phenomenal respect and enthusiasm to a janitor as with the CEO of the organisation.
  9. Being nice and safe is the most dangerous place to be in. Shatter everything. Yes. Now you are good to go.
  10. It is in times of adversities and most vulnerable situations that your values come to test. Choose your values. You will be proud of the person in the mirror.

Every single one of us, one at a time, will create a world that we will be proud to have created.