The truth of all truths

We need to have a FaceTime with truth time and again so that fake lies do not capture us into their grasp and make us believe what does not exist. Truths include:

  • Love yourself. You will be more powerful to love your loved ones then.
  • Shouting and anger belong to the stone age. You are most powerful when you have your stability and peace of mind and then get the job done.
  • Every single human being has great qualities. It is our job number one to locate them and to focus on them. What you sow in your mind is what you reap on the outside.
  • When everyone is liking you and your vision, you are in grave danger. Go change the rules, and shatter some old beliefs.
  • Happy is the human who manages their time.
  • What you do speaks so loudly to others that they can hardly listen what you say.
  • Be kind. Even when it is difficult, especially when it is difficult.
  • In order to be understood, firstly understand. (Thank you, Stephen Covey)

Always remember, you were not born in the world to fall into what others feel is right for you. You are a force of nature. The moment you decide to treat yourself like one, everything starts getting rigged in your favour.

Most importantly, before sharing this with anyone, make a disciplined effort to align one of these truths in your life.