Feeling joyful 

Feeling joyful in easy and joyful times is normal. We all must reach that state wherein in the face of every difficulty, we have that level of stability of mind that we are able to go through those situations in an easy manner.

Why do we have to do that?  Why can we not go through pain and then come out of it gradually? In reality, we all do go through difficult and trying times. What makes the difference in a stable mind versus a vulnerable mind is how long they stay there. How big or small a situation is,  we must take the learning out of it in such a manner that makes us a better human being,  and let that situation go away. Yes,  memories will come at a later date to bog you down,  you just need to remember that you are the driver of your emotions and therefore, experiences, basis your perception and thoughts.  No one else is. You are the driver. No one else is. Just remember this. 

People act as per what feels right to them in the moment. You have to make the choice to let go of the things that are not serving you, so that your temple of richness, which is your mind,  is filled only with fruits and never weeds. 

In this journey of life,  we all have our own transformation. We can never reach the end of our learning until we reach our death. In so doing, where many people on the planet are craving for joy,  you be the embodiment of peace and joy that we all need. Because if you are fortunate enough to read this,  you can feel joyful. No matter what.