Joy and suffering 

Most people on the planet think that both have to go hand in hand in order to live a successful life. Here is the clichè: when we experience suffering on a consistent basis, we are subconsciously telling ourselves that our happiness is so cheap, that it can falter at the ups and downs that circumstances expose to us.

Do you want your happiness to be so vulnerable? Definitely not. 

So here is the truth: every single feeling of suffering emanates from the seed of thought my own fear or lack or loss. If I take control over my emotions and let go of them by counselling myself constantly, just like we do it to others,  our emotion of lack dissipates superquickly.

Remember, our sole and soul purpose on the planet is to make the world better by serving them. Once we get into this groove as our habit,  suffering is not optional, it is non-existent.