Amidst the chaos

It is the nature’s law that every human being who does not run away from chaos, who does not even think about giving up, and rather the one who does not treat chaos as a chaos is destined to be gifted with wondrous jewels that will transcend the chaos that preceded it.

Our worth as human beings is determined not what we do in the face of happiness and abundance, rather it is measured by how we face the difficult situations in our life. Do we have the grace and dignity to look at the person in the mirror and tell them that no matter what, I am going to have you back, whom I had lost so diligently by taking care of everyone outside and never ever carving out time to go within?  Do we have the maturity to accept that no matter where we are in our life right now, in order to grow, we must face and overcome obstacles; and it is as simple as the Mario game?

When the world is apparently rigged in your favor, it is easy to be grateful and wonderfully amazing. The question is, how much have we trained our mind, our body, our hearts and our souls to be graceful under fire and accept responsibility for themselves?

This requires constant attention. Daily morning visualization and evening journaling and recording are great and ultra-important, what do you do and how do you handle your life between these two events every single day? Do you check in with yourself in silence every minute after every 59 minutes? Are you studying the courses to let the training of power be ingrained in you? Do you purposefully schedule reading and journaling so that you are even a better person today than you were yesterday?

Here is the hot truth: you are going to make tones of money, travel around the world, have scores of friends, and yet be unhappy and unfulfilled, if you do not focus on improving yourself in all areas of your life, including your mindset. A joyful life is lived with intention, and when the intentional execution is done, let it go. Because you are important. Precious. The world will be an amazing place if we get to meet You on a consistent basis. The world is going to have role-models to override chaos because they have been uplifted by your example.