Eternal Peace

Is definitely not going to be found up in the mountains. You do not have to leave your family, friends and work in order to find it. Yes, you also do not have to get unemotional with the world surrounding you and you can still find it.

Well, here is the revelation: Eternal peace is your nature.

Yes, amidst all the noises of the world: metaphoric and literal, it is possible to find and experience eternal peace on a consistent basis.

My question to you is: “How madly and obsessively do you want it?”

If you are keen enough to do the little, yet consistent work to have consistent FaceTimes with your eternal peace, here is the deal:

  1. Listen to your intuition. This silent nudge creates all the miracles.
  2. Be you. No one else. Please.
  3. Go into the wilderness without any gadget. Yes, even if you do use the audiobooks, sometimes you just need time for yourself and only you. The answers that you will receive for your life will be spellbinding.
  4. Love yourself like you love others. What say???
  5. Take an End-of-day selfie with what you did and write in your journal the reality that you want to manifest. Where focus goes, energy flows, results happen (Peace…..the byproduct J)

We all will experience eternal peace on a consistent basis only if we wake up to see who we really are and what amazingly wonders we are made up of. Just joy. Pure joy.

Oh, and btw, did I tell you, that you are more that special to the entire world? We all need you. Even if you cannot see your own light as of now, I just want to remind you that there does exist, buried deep within each one of us, the extravagantly shining light that is unique to each one of us. It cannot be taken away, nor ever be dimmed. Yes, to do the task of removing the stains accumulated compoundingly over it, is your Job  # 1, so that we all may be fortunate enough to have witnessed and inspired from your light.