The “IT” Factor

You know in your heart whether you have “it” in yourself or not. Ever known someone who can navigate any situation in their life with grace and ease? They all are using what it-ness they are blessed with. So can all of us.

Too often in life, when we are not able to live our life in alignment with the standards we have set for ourselves, we tend to feel miserable. This creates doubt that all those people who are living a life that they adore, are doing so by sheer luck. Here is the truth: we all face seasons of life that make us meet our strengths as well as weaknesses. We all have our auras wherein we feel the most alive and circumstances that question our faith. The very best choose to use the challenges of their life by reminding themselves of their innate power, instead of allowing the baton of dominion to be held by people and circumstances.

What I want to remind you is this: you are powerful beyond measure. We all have “it” in ourselves, that can help us navigate beautiful times and less pleasant times.

“It”, simply put, is the faith in yourself that you are stronger than you think, and can be the stunning example of power and vitality that you feel authentic with. The “it” factor is ever-present in every single one of us. The more we start using it, the more we start recognizing its presence within.

Btw, just the greatest truth of all times: you always have a choice.