Kindness, uh? 

A swan picks pearls from the water,  and never stones. A lotus flower grows in mud,  however,  in order to retain its splendor, it stays up and above the mud,  in it and detached from it. Most of the successful people in every arena had humble or even difficult beginnings,  what drove them and still drives them is the focus on the goal instead of the current situation.

Now let us look within. We need to check: do we convert waste thoughts and feelings into pure thoughts and creativity? Does our mood change with the words and actions of others? Are we doing the right thing which we intuitively feel right or most often we are driven by the right of others? 

It is time to pause and check yourself. Kindness usually refers to being nice and human with others.  Today, let us hinge the door of kindness inwards. We will talk about being kind with ourselves. Once we do that, kindness to other human beings comes out naturally. 

The world that we live in,  has many people filled with anger,  jealousy, stress, etc. Instead of expecting other people to show up to do the same, you need to become the leader in real sense and display an act of kindness. Even if people are upset or angry with you. Even if they curse you. What flows out of you is what you will receive first, before anyone else. 

Few points on how to cultivate kindness for yourself:

1. Make it a point to convert the waste within yourself into pure thoughts. Life cycle is as simple as this: If you want a special quality of life, look only for specialities in other human beings. 

2. Spend time with yourself and know what gives you joy. Practice and celebrate your feelings of joy. Yes,  you are the celebrity of your life. You must have the discipline to create and cultivate your joy. As long as what gives joy to you does not harm you or any other human being, it will make you kinder.

3. Make an attempt to drive the waste thoughts out of your mind. 

Oh,  btw and fyi: you are more important and special than you ever imagined.